Thomas Gianoni, new trainer at eBase

Nelly Vincent, the multimedia host at Le Créneau and at the Conques-Marcillac electronic base for 8 years, has stepped down from her position for new professional adventures. The entire team thanks her for her investment and wishes her every success in her new projects. It was replaced by Thomas Janononi, whose site is shared with hours of animation at Jean Ozil Public School. A self-taught 28-year-old Lot-e-Garonne who has always been immersed in new technologies (his father is a computer scientist) first served in the civil service at the electronic base in Bo (47), before obtaining a fixed-term contract. In the city hall in the same city to train beginners in the use of digital tools, but also to ensure the maintenance and repair of computers in schools. “I attach great importance to making information technology accessible to everyone, especially those who have to overcome the fear of making mistakes in front of the computer.” Thomas, who also makes it a priority for him to inform learners of the correct feedback, explains that they must adopt in order to surf the Internet safely. The beautiful decisions he was putting into action for a few weeks at the Conques-Marcillac e-base where his first steps as a coach received a very positive response.

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