Xiaomi: An update to Androd paralyzes the smartphone

Under no circumstances should you install the current Android update for Xiaomi Mi A3!

I amAs a rule, software updates for smartphones are a cause for celebration. Usually, default patches close security holes, perfectly fix technical issues and add new functions to a mobile phone. So it is no wonder that users have one Xiaomi Mi A3 enthusiastically pushed for the manufacturer’s Android 11 update released at the end of December 2020. But instead of enthusiasm, there has been discontent since then. Online reports are accumulating that the patch has completely disabled the smartphone. Therefore affected devices cannot be powered on or charged. Even the emergency recovery mode is not accessible. In short: the cell phone is completely gone. Xiaomi has already officially commented on the issue ?? And it doesn’t make the situation better.

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The manufacturer confirms the faulty update

In a message via our internal Telegram channel Has been confirmed The update is faulty and should not be installed under any circumstances. The company has since withdrawn the software and asked for a little patience. However, Xiaomi does not offer to suggest a solution that is really useful to users whose cell phone is now idle. Instead, those affected must be one The media According to the official Xiaomi service center for help. Problem: Germany has exactly one Xiaomi service center and it’s in Dusseldorf. Accordingly, most customers only have to go through the manufacturer’s customer service, and eventually, they will probably send back the defective device. A very disturbing start to the new year for Xiaomi fans.

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