Free Mobile sends an email to Freebox subscribers reminding them of a real bonus in their summer offer

“So you don't miss any of your TV shows this summer, download the Oqee by Free app,” The operator updates the best and least informed subscribers.

Summer vacation reminder for Freebox subscribers who will be traveling. Channels and replay of Crystal, mini 4K, Révolution, One, Pop, Delta and Ultra subscriptions can be accessed for free via the Oqee by Free TV app, anywhere in France and the EU.

If the Free TV app, since its launch in 2021, only allows access to the 220 listed channels and replays from the mobile and tablet version for EU travelers. This is no longer the case because it is also possible to benefit from it On Apple TV, box/TV, Samsung TV, mobile/tablet and web in EU member states by connecting via any ISP.

At the beginning of January 2024, after including OQEE by Free in the free 300GB mobile plan at €19.99 per month, Free also removed the limit on Apple TV in France, and since then its TV app has been accessible on the box From a Cupertino company from a connection other than its Freebox connection.

In an email currently sent to its subscribers, Free sends out a reminder: “You may have missed the news. You can take your OQEE by Free TV services included in your Freebox offer with you everywhere. To enjoy hundreds of your favorite channels live and in replay, and the OQEE Ciné streaming service, download the OQEE by Free app.

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This article has been reprinted on the Univers FreeBox website

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