Refurbished computers for the municipalities of Nice Metropolis

The city of Nice Côte d'Azur has decided to donate its old computers as part of the environmental goals of reuse and sobriety. The organization no longer uses many fixed computer terminals.

They were replaced by laptops during quarantine, with the development of remote work. Therefore, Metropolis decided to renew its “old machines” to redistribute them to its municipalities.

“Improving digital tools”

“I am pleased that we can give a second life to the still working equipment that we had to replace– Enthused by Metropolis President Christian Estrosi. “Even more so when it can benefit the residents of the capital.”

At the request of Metropolis in October 2023, about fifteen municipalities have already expressed interest in the system. The first deliveries were made at the end of March to Vince and Le Broc.

In brook, “Olivier Elementary School -The only one in town- He was able to take advantage of nine computers. “It will be beneficial for our students and teachers.”“, points out Estelle Hugot, General Manager of Village Services of the Far Valley Highlands.

About fifteen computers were donated to the municipality of Vence. “We install them especially in schools to enhance digital classroom tools.”According to the City of Arts Municipality.

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