From the police report – car chase for a smartphone – Fürstenfeldbruck

From the police report:Smartphone hunt

The supposed theft of a cell phone occupied Germinger Police on Monday and led to a small chase. According to the inspection report, a 24-year-old woman came at 2:30 pm to report the loss of her cell phone. The young woman said she lost her smartphone while shopping at the discount store. At home, she tracked her cell phone with a computer. Police were also able to trace the cell phone’s path. The signal moved quickly on Landsberger Strasse in the direction of Munich. Maybe it was in a car. The direction signal was followed by two patrols that finally stopped the car of a 47-year-old woman from Munich. The cell phone he was looking for was inside. The driver admitted that he found the cell phone in Germering. However, it was not possible to return her because there was only a roommate who did not speak German in the owner’s apartment, and who was unable to explain the situation to her. So she wanted to return the mobile phone later. The roommate confirmed the woman’s statement, so the police believed it was believed that they wanted to return the cell phone.

© SZ vom 24.02.2021 / ano

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