Routines, audio games, wallpaper … Google is improving its interface for cars

Android Auto takes advantage of many exciting new features, including the ability to play games with passengers.

Google continues to improve Put the mirror on the plane On Android, a feature called Android Auto. We have just discovered quite a few upcoming updates to the infotainment interface, which will make the system easier to use and provide more entertainment for passengers.

New shortcuts, games and customization features

On the interface side, Google will publish shortcuts (or actions) to keep the features you want to access more. For example, shortcuts can quickly take you to your contact list, bring up the Google Assistant, or even change the temperature in your home if you have Connected thermostat at home.

For “bigger screen” cars, Android Auto now also includes split screen display. When enabled, drivers can see a real-time view of Google Maps as well as multimedia controls. This obviously gets you thinking about the latest version of CarPlay Who arrived with IOS 14It can display Google Maps or come in addition to Spotify player, for example.

Don’t want your passengers to be able to read notifications and other content while driving? Google also has a solution for this, there is now a Privacy Screen option. Note that The wallpaper is now customizable-These new wallpapers are already available from Android Auto 6.1 release. To activate it, just go to settings and click on “Select wallpaper”.

And to keep passengers busy, there are also games on board. We’re not talking about games to keep it out of the way, but games that work with the Google Assistant. These audio games are like Danger It will now work on Android Auto. You just have to launch Google Assistant to start the hectic games.

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To take advantage of these new features, remember to update Android Auto on the Play Store.

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