From Virtual Reality to Coding in Education

Virtual reality headsets have been used for educational purposes for nearly 20 years. Most often, augmented reality or virtual reality is used for education. “The latest models of headsets allow you to combine the two,” says Aaron E. Walsh. “At the end of sessions using these digital tools, kids often ask us, ‘What was my score?’ and we have to explain to them that we think it’s great that they’re having fun learning, but it wasn’t a ‘real’ game, so there was no score.”

easy to use

Today, digital displays have become so realistic that it is sometimes impossible to distinguish between a real image and a digital display. Sound can be transformed into space, and body movement can be reproduced in the virtual world, including walking thanks to a specially designed carpet.

AI can be integrated with these tools, bringing them to a higher level of sophistication and clarity. “AI has also greatly democratized the production of virtual reality. What used to take a week can now be done in minutes using AI, opening up new possibilities for educational tools. All of these technological advances mean that digital worlds are becoming increasingly realistic and immersing users in immersive worlds that are very close to reality. For students, virtual worlds are becoming increasingly close to what they would have in real life.

Earn tokens by learning

Moreover, the idea of ​​earning points while learning has gained popularity. “Why not earn tokens when a student reaches a level of knowledge? He can then convert these tokens to pursue a paid course, go to university or buy basic necessities for himself or his family. This could be a solution for poor children who do not have the opportunity to go to school because they have to work to provide for the family.

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There is an ongoing partnership on this topic with the United Nations and hackathons are being organized in different places around the world to develop solutions that would make it possible to implement this system. He follows.

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