NeoSprint: The racing game published by Atari is available today on Nintendo Switch, PC and consoles

Development Studio Headless chicken games And the editor Atari We are announcing the release today Newsprint on Nintendo SwitchWindows PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series

Inspired by the classic 1970s Sprint series, Newsprint Features local multiplayer racing for up to 8 players in colorful isometric 3D landscapes. The game allows you to customize your car, create community circles, share and download. Players can also progress in the single-player career through the campaign mode, unlocking decorations and car skins as they progress. Newsprint It offers several game modes, including obstacle course challenges and time trials. Players can choose from nine types of cars, each with unique features and customization options.

Newsprint Available now on Nintendo SwitchWindows PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S.

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NeoSprint comes to life as a single-screen arcade game for up to 8 players, combined with a powerful track builder and intuitive sharing tools, ensuring a speed-satisfying racing experience that equally satisfies the architects. The campaign mode, Grand Prix, obstacle courses, and time trials provide plenty of exciting racing content, and the multiplayer modes provide chaotic fun. Will you be able to conquer the speed tracks and achieve the best times?

Main features:

Isometric Arcade Action: Precise controls with an arcade feel make NeoSprint easy to pick up but difficult to master. Learn the intricacies of drifting and drafting to proceed on a dazzling array of pre-made, player-created tracks.

Build and share powerful circuits: Design twist and turn circuits with the customizable circuit builder. Build ramps, jumps, dams and more, and add a variety of scenery and decorations to make your course unique. Four different biomes – Jungle, Desert, Winter, and City – give a completely different look. Easy-to-use tools for sharing and sorting your tours – and experiencing others' tours – ensure endless hours of new and exciting content.

A collection built for speed: 9 different types of cars, from muscle cars to sports cars, each with its own speed, acceleration and handling. Each car is customizable with different colors and Atari-themed decals. Customize your team and start racing!

Campaign Mode: For those playing solo, challenge 8 different opponents in the NeoSprint campaign mode. Cross multiple pieces with increasingly difficult circuits. As you progress, unlock new car skins and decorations.

Alternative Game Modes: Grand Prix mode lets you create custom tracks from your own or community-uploaded tracks. Additionally, obstacle courses and time trials provide hours of fun after completing the campaign.

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