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Wait, this is the work of Super Mario 64 he is too the best games?

Download the game and you will drop at the entrance to Peach Castle with Shut up From this distant waterfall. Birds fly through trees. this is Green hill and this is Blue skies and a feeling of defined and familiar calm. Then you finish with the first triple jump – wow! Hoo hoo! – and run it – Hey! And now everything: O agami mouth And I seriously believe that this step alone could be the best and most useful out of my Switch library. The best thing in the game? Definitely the best thing to do with the legged and board avatar in hand, as Mario picks up high and quickly raises the camera to follow. Then he turns and bends – both arms and legs, quick to count – cutting the air with a training sound before landing at the end of the gymnast. With joy and victory. Of course. Super Mario 64. Still completely mobile, heartbreaking and timing And you haven’t experienced the long jump yet. You didn’t even hear Themeie Deira Dukes distance! What even other games are For?

I think a lot of players worked separately for the 3D All-Stars group. But I loved all 4 courses – including Odyssey – Uber-Mario: Yes, please serve everyone at the same time, thank you. Like triple jump tapas! By moving between the games, the differences between them are most apparent in satisfaction. And playing this way, they change quite a bit, like album tracks in the sequence. Pound for pound and jump to jump, me 64 he is too You look like a goat

The balance seems fair. At 64, Mario’s jumps were very fast and sexy (I’ve been watching Eurogamer Let’s Play and Aoife come out) My God In Trio 1), with enough travel and commentary to match sentiment and moments of disguised freedom. But there is enough oomph in the pull down to feel the platform’s weight and danger. On flat surfaces, too, the game has a real flair, such a nice feeling (I mean it!) Pressing down like Mario’s axes – torso first, then head – and swinging on a cool pulled bike. With a side side. 64 is a lot of fun by weight and speed, the simple joys of swinging. and this is PointNot at all? Momentum management?

This places hurdles at 64, which look quite pure. There are these saw saws, the rest are spinning like planks so you kind of have to break free. Or those miniature pyramids with their edges cut off, which you have to run, then stop on like a penny. Everything is geared toward the pleasures of weight and action more than canned popup animations or fancy animations, which make the platform look coherent and honest, Racist In his pleasures.

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Also, you might think I’m a little slow here, but I’ve achieved something new: I’ve always thought that the main thrill of the platform game comes from pulling the pressure between the jump button pinion time and the inertia control, but a lot of the movement in 64 – rewind, sideways back, jump Triple – unchanged even with the time the button is pressed – it’s really maximum power! Nitro switch has already been moved! All you can do is set the spacing correctly and then set it up in the air to adjust the landing.

Take long jump 64, just that thing Tears of doors, Often launches too early to be sustained. Really, it’s kind of skydiving, and suddenly the dense air with the futures you pick with full back and forth swings on analog: forward – backward – forward – forward and then panic Like Pierce Brosnan on a flying stick. And I love the way Mario fell from the ground, his arms twisting as he throws himself into a flexible arc made briefly with control. Very flexible that you can retract with enough force to keep it suspended instantly, it flies through the air but gets stuck between two locomotives. Very flexible, you can retract hard for long jumps backwards. Or back and forth, if you know what I mean (and if you play 64, it will).

The same goes for the back face, and the side or triangular face. So despite all the worries of the revolutionary 360-degree analog wand – the sudden strikes of the stick, the sudden turns of the slide, the stomping of the spikes of piranha plants – there is still an almost two-dimensional purity in the air; To what extent, how do you come back? It’s been more than twenty years now and the light pressure on Mario’s back Haha! In a hole in the front he is too Not getting old. These movements are powerful and heavy, yet they are alive with close attention and meticulous precision. Like the pedal.

And yes, I am Act I get complaints from people who prefer a freely moving camera over the sometimes embarrassing first try at 64, but I also think something is lost with the newest cameras pulling something far and high. It looks like they have lost a portion of that portable terminal, the selfie stick for the bottom and bottom camera. Very low, there is an upward shot soaring into the sky as Mario floats from the top of a tree, which for my money has everything that fits into the Galaxy Sling Star while keeping that flexible touch (the point!).

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I think it is important, that 64 not only feels responsive but also feels fun, expressive and swing. Electrodes are things that must be decoded. Bends are just windmills. Jumps aren’t just things to aim for and land on, but you can hop midway with a kick, turn it into a dive, and then run back into your run without skipping a beat. And there is a boon to the all-time animation that is always read as “real” – slight left knee pull in second jump, or loose hole in trio. There’s a subtle magic to the movement here that’s as impressive as Lara’s first position stands at the edge.

In all cases. do you remember that Twitter feedFor all the little ways they made Celeste’s move to Madeleine feel good? of course not. You might not read and write about Celeste as often as I wanted to (always). But boy, I’m not going to do that for the Super Mario 64 equivalent. For wandering around ports and folds for control and movement.

At least with the 3D-All-Stars group, I can tell the difference. I can take shots of the jumps along the walls of Peach’s castle, to better compare her heights (her second jump is a brick higher while I run!). I can play around with the camera settings, while noticing the changes in the amount of screen feature Mario is taking on. I can accurately record clips of Mario’s Odyssey as he jumps three times in his old 64 outfit – for a better comparison with Reality 64 Mario – Show it to my father, who confirms that “The Odyssey looks like.” Low Brother’. Mario’s cry is less triumphant, the volume isn’t loud and it lacks that neat and choppy sound (there a lot Great workout at 64!).

Now here’s the thing: I’m actually doing it Love Odyssey Mario. I like its accuracy and speed. And I realized his leaps were related, really, in the kind of twisted long combos made possible by changes of direction in Cappy air. I like that you can do it upload From my book so it is no longer a point, and I kinda like the way What if Intuition Rewards – If you jump like Mario catches Cappy as he spins, he throws a round bang.

And me Love Sunshine Mario, although it’s a bit choppy and wobbly when stopped. But FLUDD appears to be a natural, flexible extension of Mario’s flexible range of motion (now literally), allowing you to retreat to jump on jet stream stilts, or convert a dive into a waterslide. And I like the crackling sound like a snapping shoe.

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Then there’s the galaxy, which some people save for Christmas (I thought it was for Zeldas?), Which I think is a testament to their charisma and greatness. But I didn’t really play a Galaxy game the first time, and while I can appreciate the Galaxy as a wonderful box of gifts and surprises, from single-player tournaments designed around Focused Ideas, I take a step back every time. Once Galaxy Mario’s Long Jump stops death upon arrival. Either he falls as bullet when escaping from a ledge, or he turns to rest with attacks. it’s not like that Exhibition That the animation and timing in Triple Jump feels a bit flat – the acceleration too, like lifting it over the strings of the stage – I don’t like either Pressure! Accompanying sounds. So Act to me Say my name! (It took me years to accept.)

Knowing that all this is personal I cannot say that 64 is the best 3D game for Mario Concept. It doesn’t feature the cool Galaxy kit, and it’s no surprise the Sunshine / Odyssey track correction. Also, you can’t turn into a pitchfork and throw a skyscraper. But without goals, Shine, Sling Stars, and Cappy Transformations – in the void, on the flat, tap yourself and jump to jump – I like 64 Mario games Feel More. This is Mario the East the game. Alhamdulillah they spent all this time on its movement and not on the levelsBecause something about speed and weight is always natural, convincing, and correct. Like a bullet in my hand. Yo yo on a string. A blessing you get from playing.

But you might be playing for something else. Like systems, strategy, or story. Or maybe just different types of movement! Maybe you don’t play Corinne in Smash just for her Balikki style, or you don’t think too much of Zora Link’s Water Spin. You might not have revisited Mirror’s Edge 2D in Flash (I hope you rest in peace) in years, just for the way Faye manages and rolls. Or don’t spend hours watching dance videos and Mad Sakuga Anime groups. What I mean maybe is its motion circles Your The mind is inflamed with various things, other games play it, and it gives its voice and shape from something else. But I’m just glad Super Mario 64 was around the corner on the Switch. It is a double and triple jump.

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