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Gears5 Starting soon Function 6, Which does not have an official date yet, but should come soon, with many new features in it Three new characters, A new one Map And the short duration planned for the seasons.

So the new Operation 6 should last approximately 11 weeks, Compared to the 16 commonly required for previous operations. In addition, it predicts the release of a new system for the coming seasons Two content packs, One at the beginning and one in the middle of the process, which contains at least one graph and two new characters.

As for Operation 6, three new characters are planned to be added to the cast Fighters Usable in Gears 5:

  • Victor Hoffmann, the COG Colonel considered a warrior
  • Locust born from Ukon’s experiments on the physiology of gelatine, emulsion and contus
  • Queen Raina, mother of the protagonist Guide Diaz, is the main leader of the crowd-controlling hive-mind.

Upcoming new map Spear, There are no pictures of them yet, but a system described by the Alliance is characterized by lush interiors and very large rooms, with elements that are suitable for long-distance collisions, but still require close combat.

So we look forward to knowing Exit date In Operation 6, Gears 5 was recently enriched by the best expansion hivebusters, which are distributed for free by Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Veronica Tucker

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