PS5, Sony expects what the Playstation Vr Viewer will look like

The new Playstation Vr for PS5 will be released in 2022 with many new features, such as greater resolution, field of view, and a redesigned controller. All previews

(Image: Sony)

Sony Officially confirmed the upcoming release of the new system Playstation Vr is specially designed for PS5. Four years after pairing the first model (pictured above) with the PS4 system, the new version will improve on all the basics for a more immersive and engaging experience. What do you expect from the next generation headset?

As it actually happened with PS5 systemSony is an expertly appetizing fan The first batch of expectations She removes the veil of some features, but carefully preserves an aura of mystery on others. There is still no official image, specific name, or full list of technical specifications, but the next PS5 virtual reality headset has been confirmed on the launch pad and promises a lot of quality.

He is the Senior Vice President (side Platform planning and management) By Sony, Hideaki Nishino, to see what the tool will look like on The official blog PlayStation focuses on three points: It will increase the resolution H Field of view It will be Tracking system review. These are three primary areas of virtual reality, as it means more faithful images, the possibility to expand the outlook further and above all to interact with the digital environment in a more natural way.

The headset will not be wireless As some analysts predicted, it will still be connected via cable to the console. However, the controller will struggle to access commands during the experiment It will be more comfortable and will have haptic feedback system Which should more closely appeal those of DualSense for PS5. This means that the vibrations are transmitted to the hand It will be modified in a more in-depth way To recreate a more delicate and engaging visualization.

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When does the viewer see the light? Certainly not in 2021, As some improvement will still be required. Meanwhile, first-generation PS VR owners can enjoy the next generation After the fallAnd the Elite sniper VR H Humane For PS4 and PS5.

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