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The Smurfs: The Epic of Dreams has just announced its release date. It will be released on October 24, 2024 on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, as well as Nintendo Switch. In addition to announcing its release date, we also had the right to present different special editions of the game!

The Smurfs make a strong return to the world of video games with a new opus titled The Smurfs: The Saga of Dreams. Within it, you will have to face Gargamel Who seems to have prepared a very diabolical plan to capture as many Smurfs as possible. To do this, he cunningly cast a spell on the sarsaparilla bushes… Looks like the Smurfs are now asleep! Are you up to the task of facing the famous Gargamel ?

Game features

  • Rather solo or cooperative? – Plan the evil Foil Gargamel solo or in cooperation with a friend for a fun and enjoyable gaming experience for two players.
  • Immerse yourself in the Smurfs fantasy – Each dream has a unique gaming adventure waiting for you with its share of accessories, puzzles and surprises to uncover.
  • Go on an adventure – Visit 4 dream-like worlds including 12 levels and 16 mini-levels to complete and discover the secrets of the Smurfs Village.
  • A character similar to you – Collect all the magical orbs to wake up all the Smurfs and bring the village back to life. Collect styles to customize your character with new clothes and unlock many surprises throughout your adventure.
  • Magical art direction – Discover a unique and colorful art style that evolves as you explore different dreams.
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We also had the right to various special editions of The Smurfs: The Saga of Dreams. The first special edition is currently available for pre-order on consoles Play Stationas Nintendo Switch. Titled Reverie editionthe edition contains the base game accompanied by a sticker sheet, an exclusive thief skin or even a digital art book… Other surprises are waiting for you!

The second edition is the edition Deluxe Digital Which contains a digital art book, an exclusive thief skin, and original music. Note that this version will be available exclusively on PC.

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