Genshin Impact apologizes to players and offers incredible rewards

We did not expect such a thing. Jenshin Impact not only apologizes to the players, but also offers a transparent reward.

Genesin Attack Gift from Company (Source

While this is unbelievable news, in reality it does not deviate much from the reality of things. Exactly, one in particular it happens It happens often Let’s say. But what’s so strange about this? As Tittle’s servers recently went offline, Jenshin Impact plans to offer rewards to its players.

In fact, miHoYo has suspended its services for a period of time for maintenance reasons. But there is no problem with the purpose of the game. In fact it is a practice related to attendance New update on the topic in question. In particular, we welcome version 2.3 with the new GI update. But here, the company has decided to give gifts to all its loyal users.

The impact of Jensh and the rewards for its users

genshin impact regalo
Genesin Attack Gift from Company (Source

miHoYo, the company is inactive for several hours gaming for the purpose of the world Makes regular gifts available Per “Apologize” It would be useful to update the title of the temporary offline system. On November 24, we had the opportunity to see the new GI update online again. To fully understand and enjoy every little change in the game, gamers are still sifting through the single corner of the title as much as possible.

In the meantime, all users, Access their gifted reward Check their in-mail mail from miHoYo. In fact, in GI’s internal messaging system, you will have an email informing you of the company’s actual distribution taking place at Primogems.

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In particular we will find ourselves reserved 600 Primogems, 300 for updating and 300 for editing skills and characters. Also, keep in mind that banners for Eula, Albedo and Arataki Itto are now available. What is the best way to invest in a given 600 primroses?

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