How many hours a day do you use your smartphone? Be careful of the dangers on your hands

Modern cell phones, now all touch, are increasingly large and difficult to hold in one hand: the consequences can be serious.

It's not that simple anymore Hold your cell phone in one hand As happened in the past, modern technologies combined with social trends that have caught on in recent years have led to a change in the shape and size of cell phones, whose screens must ensure that the owner can enjoy videos and images. in a precise and defined manner.

Spending too much time on your smartphone can affect your hand health

It must also be said that this need does not arise from a trend alone social, But through truth Many people work by cell phoneOr at least they rely on mobile devices to help them with their day-to-day work, leading professionals to move away from “fixed” offices, which is often the case in the modern era of work.

Today's mobile phone needs to be high-performance, replace a computer in 90% of its functions, be large enough to allow as much of a view as possible, but not too large to actually be there. Tablet. However, in this confusion of common conditions, the health of our hand is lost.

Be aware of risks to carpal tunnel and thumbs in general

The advancement of technology has certainly had its positive effects on managing electronic devices, as now you can do anything with them, book a restaurant, or search for a flight without needing to be in front of a computer. Video on a social network. You can do practically everything with cell phones today, but you have to be careful because Continuous typing on mobile phoneEspecially large ones, favor the onset of some common hand ailments.

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Indeed, reports in orthopedic practices have increased in recent years Thumb pain or i wrists According to experts, it is caused by excessive and misuse of cell phones. This is because people are holding their smartphone and using one or both thumbs to move from one side of the screen to the other at extreme speed.

These movements, which may at first appear to cause very harmless pain, are actually harmful because they cause muscle strain in the long run. Tendonitis And also risarthrosis, A type Arthritis Affects the joint at the base of the thumb, causing pain, wear, stiffness, and limitations of motion.

According to experts, this happens because of the way you hold it and the number of hours you spend writing. In theory, given the size of today's cell phone screens, it should be Place your cell phone on a flat surface and use Codes To type on the phone or do any kind of activity: only in this way we can protect the health of our hands.

Veronica Tucker

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