Ghost of Sushima and The Last of S2 Battle for Athlete’s Voice at Sports Awards

Sports awards are almost all over us, but Jeff Keeley has initially involved the community. Player’s voice has been captured, and fans are voting for their favorite 2020 game. Which will win? The PlayStation 4 exclusive has a high chance of success.

The player’s voice is now in its third and final round, with five games running. At the time of writing, the Ghost of Sushima is ahead, with 41 percent of the vote. However, second place is currently with The Lost of S: Part II, which is not far behind at 36 percent. Third, fourth and fifth place are still backward; Hades Miles Morales brings back four: 11 percent, Doom Eternal eight, and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

So, in less than a day, one of Sony’s major releases is likely to pick up Player’s voice trophy. The sequel to Naughty Dog was not too long ago to be in the lead, so it seems that both topics may change places as fans continue to vote. If you want to say, you can do so Game Awards website. Again, voting ends in about 20 hours.

Which athlete would you like to win the Voice Award for? Have you kept your votes? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Veronica Tucker

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