Send you messages: This is possible through WhatsApp

Chatting with you is a feature of WhatsApp. Learn a little trick, here we have a small personal archive.

Probably many people have heard this. Sending messages through WhatsApp is very easy, but who knows how easy it is to use it to communicate with someone much closer than an acquaintance. We certainly are. This is not an option, but a requirement that may arise in some cases. To save something, archive a code when other types of storage are not available, rather than other information that needs to be accessed quickly.

Of course, they are special cases. But if you really want to get rid of the desire, it is good to know that WhatsApp allows you to chat with you as a good instant messaging app. Without major changes or downloads by those who know some updates. A simple trick, however, is available and not hidden in the options of the Facebook app.

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Talking to you on WhatsApp: A little help and problem solved

But how do you converse alone? There are no exceptions: Sign in to the news service and follow some simple steps. Of course there is no superficiality: you have to create a team first, following the easy procedure (the simplest is the classic “three points”). After this, Add a participant to the group. More or less, you can warn him of what will happen immediately. I.e., immediate removal.

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This is for a specific reason. Once the other person is removed, only one participant will be in the group. We certainly are. This allows the group administrator to write in a conversation that no one else has, in fact chat only. Function that appears to be redundant But it actually allows you to use a chat as a kind of archive, with the possibility of referring to certain content as “important”. And most importantly, you need to use chat in the web version of WhatsApp as well, with the possibility of inserting very easy-to-use files from a computer.

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