Google Maps, the news everyone wants: what can be done

Emojis continue to conquer the Internet, and now it's Google Maps' turn: here's the big news

Google Maps comes in response to emoji reviews –

The Emoji They continued to rage on the Internet after the conclusion, which was highly praised by users, and introduced them to Gmail, allowing app users to add their own reaction. Emojis have also been around the internet for quite some time Google Maps It allows users to easily interact with other users, especially when responding to a review.

How the new function will be configured

This is a new feature, already available on Google Maps for both users Android than they used to iOSYou can respond to a review using these tools to help you create a certain empathy or effectively elicit an emotional reaction that isn't limited to a simple exchange between “useful” and “useless.”

As always when talking about emojis, its usage is very simple and intuitive. To express a reaction with an emoji, pressing on the review area will bring up the corresponding menu, which lists all the pre-set emojis that we have to choose based on our “sentiment”.

Maps and Emoji, a great news for users of this application –

A positive thing, if we want to interpret it that way, is that Google He doesn't consider negative emojis. Among the existing emojis, the heart emoji stands out as one of the most popular of all time, other emoticons with arms, flame, tongue sticking out or exploded head. In short, we can only use positive or humorous emoji to communicate through emoji, while if we want to communicate a negative reaction, we have to do without them. Individual interpretations of emoji are completely personal and unique.

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The role of emoticons in the digital age

Although many believe that Emoticons A simple, purely youthful and superficial tool of communication, this new way of actually expressing one's mood has gained a certain importance in recent years. These symbols, which have almost symbolic meanings in the digital age, rise to the role of effective mass communication tools for conveying emotions, intentions and nuances of meaning. A new way of communication represents a change in plasticity Online communication methodsMade up of a new essential language, dry but very useful.

Use of these tools Digital conversations, today has a fundamental impact on the perception of contents that have become invaluable and valid adjuncts to enrich the text and match the emotional context of a message, but also to avoid misunderstandings or misinterpretations of the author's intentions. In short, emoji have proven to be invaluable allies for enhancing face-to-face communication and interactions.

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