LG Gram Pro 16 with GeForce review: Ultra-lightweight and portable with bold simplicity

LG Gram stands for lightweight hardware with excellent quality. When it comes to computing power, almost all LG Gram models feature sub-par hardware. Moreover, the generally low TDP ensures excellent usage times.

The LG Gram Pro 16 with RTX 3050 is a solid laptop in many ways and meets the highest demands. As with the LG Gram Pro 2-in-1, its display, speakers, and input devices are all excellent. However, when it comes to performance, the Gram Pro 16 failed to impress us as much as its convertible sibling. Pairing the Arc iGPU with the 45W Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 isn’t a wise choice in many ways. Intel’s new iGPU is inherently powerful, especially when paired with fast DDR 5 RAM, as is the case here. While the RTX 3050 offers better refresh rates in all games, it does drain the CPU a bit. If you decide to buy the LG Gram Pro 16, you should take some time to consider how well the dGPU fits into your application suite. Otherwise, the Gram Pro could be an interesting alternative as a convertible or without a dGPU.

Perhaps the closest competitor to the LG Gram Pro 16 is the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Ultra. Samsung’s laptop uses a smaller battery, but a newer RTX 4050 graphics card. While Samsung’s device slightly outperforms the Gram in terms of computing power, the latter is noticeably lighter and thinner and offers longer battery life.

Ultra-thin, particularly lightweight, and particularly good in terms of sound: the LG Gram Pro 16 knows how to impress.

As is usual with LG laptops, computing power is traded off for weight. The laptop's performance test results are significantly lower than its competitors. Lenovo Yoga Pro 9 And the HP Spectre x360 16 Much more powerful. But whether this is effective on paper alone is another question. In our opinion, the Gram Pro 16 is more than adequate for everyday use.

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