Google Play points are coming to Italy: here’s how it works

This is the fall of 2018 Google Flea points launched, A program that rewards buyers Game Store. The project took a long time to launch globally, and until yesterday only nine countries had reached the service.

With today’s additions, that number has more than doubled, with 13 new inputs including ten European countries, including Italy. The full list includes Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Norway, Spain, Sweden to Switzerland, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

We remind you that the purpose of the program is to encourage the purchase of apps and games Game Store, With one “Cashback” dell’1% At points, the percentage will vary slightly depending on the size achieved. For the first week of registration, you will receive a special welcome bonus equal to three times the points earned for each purchase. Accumulated points can be used to receive coupons, in-app purchases and debit receivables Google Games.

By accumulating a certain number of points over the course of the year, you will be elevated to the next level with higher returns based on points and benefits. The level reached in a calendar year will be maintained until the end of the next year, even if the user does not make further purchases. For more details on prizes and positions, please see This page.

If you are a regular buyer of paid applications in the Play Store, this is good news because a percentage of the money spent will be returned without fail. This is a ridiculous percentage and is a pity, not everyone who downloads free apps and pays.

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Veronica Tucker

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