Google Stadia has reportedly canceled the horror game Hideo Kojima

One of the canned games in which Google Stadia was said to be struggling for traction was Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding. It appears to have been canceled last year, although the studio is also working on a different game.

According to VGC, the aforementioned Hideo Kojima was canceled in 2020 as a casual horror game released for Stadia. Former Stadia Studio Director Jade Raymond visited Kojima Productions before then, but the report said Stadia chief Phil Harrison was the one who shut down the project. Prior to working for Google, Harrison was a CEO on both PlayStation and Xbox during some of the brand’s low points, including the launch of the PS3 and Xbox One.

Kojima is no stranger to canceling projects. The horror reboot of Silent Hills, which he was making with director Guillermo del Toro, was canceled by Konami after a highly publicized PT release. Kojima then put on the picture of Del Toro in Death Stranding, with Silent Hills designer actor Norman Reedus in the lead role.

Google recently shut down its in-house game development division at Stadia, which has curtailed the company’s offshore projects and called into question their long-term viability. Another project that has been canceled is a sequel to the Journey to the Savage Planet. Google acquired the original game studio, Typhoon, and absorbed it at the end of 2019. With the studio now disbanded along with the rest of the Google Stadia development team, it is unknown if the original creators can produce a post.

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