Notepad ++: Instructions and lessons in German

How to use Notepad ++? We provide instructions for the assumed tool complex.

NActually, it’s free Notepad ++ Based on the Windows Editor (C: Windows System32 notepad.exe, Notepad), but functionally writing programs are divergent: while notepad.exe is suitable for taking short notes, the ++ program goes beyond that. Anyone who only software or website code every now and then should be familiar with the tool: It offers functions like syntax highlighting, which highlights some of the entered blocks with color. This improves the overall outlook. In the Save As dialog (invoked with Ctrl-Alt-S), the many save formats available in the dropdown list give you an impression of how versatile and powerful Notepad ++ is.

In addition to TXT, entries are available for Batch, C ++, C #, JavaScript, PHP, PostScript, Windows PowerShell, Python, R, Windows Registry (* .reg), Ruby, Swift, and Visual Basic. Users need to know languages, Notepad ++ makes things easier, but it doesn’t take away your knowledge. It’s deeply integrated into Windows: so you can quickly start the tool (as an alternative to the Start menu) with Windows-R and the command notepad ++. This works because the corresponding integration takes place in the registry: Under “HKLM, Software, Microsoft, Windows, CurrentVersion, Application Paths” there is a notepad ++ key. Exe and where the REG_SZ string entry contains the EXE path to be called. File references.

Notepad ++: Instructions for m

Notepad ++ encourages the creative activity of script managers and programmers.

Who needs Notepad ++?

Users who program (simple or more complex scripts) or who plan to do so are well served with Notepad ++. No one else necessarily needs the program: the editor might seem overwhelmed with an undeveloper. Because some functions are not beneficial to these users. Experienced users also benefit from it. Under certain circumstances, the installation is also beneficial for users without developer ambitions: Notepad ++ reacts quickly (in terms of speed but has no advantages over the Windows editor), has tabs (see the next tip) and session restore (see fifth tip) ).

Is the tool better as a program or an application?

Notepad ++ is available three times: as a desktop program, as a portable version and as an application that comes from another provider. The desktop version to install is preferred for frequent users: it installs the desktop link, and for example, the start command for the Run dialog in the registry (press Windows-R, notepad ++ Enter). This does not apply to the mobile version; Call it by double-clicking notepad ++. Exe does not lead to a new “App Paths” registry subkey. However, the removable variant is suitable for experimenting without anchorage. Notepad is limited to Windows 10 and generates the aforementioned switch, so it can be launched via Windows-R like its desktop counterpart. We’ve discussed the following tips with the “normal” software version to install, but they should be equally applicable to other variants.

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Notepad ++: open tabs

One of the features of Notepad ++ is its tabs, which you can use to manage multiple files (messages or programming projects) at the same time. Using Ctrl-N, you open a new tab, and using Ctrl-W, you close the tab that is currently in focus.

Notepad ++: open files

Ctrl-O can be used to open files when Notepad ++ is started. Alternatively, press Windows-R, Enter notepad ++ A, distance and path parameters to the file to be opened; Confirm using the Enter key.

Notepad ++: Save the file

To save, press Ctrl-S, the Save As function can be accessed using Ctrl-Alt-S. It’s not (!) Ctrl-Shift-S, which is otherwise common.

Notepad ++: restore session

If you open the files in Notepad ++ and exit the editor, they will be restored the next time you start them. So you don’t need to remember the documents you worked with: once you want to continue editing, simply call Notepad ++ again and the automated system will take care of the rest.

Notepad ++: Zoom in with the mouse wheel

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Notepad ++: replace the editor

Do you like Notepad ++ so much that you want to start instead of the editor? Dependent Notepad store It helps you: In its setup wizard, you specify an EXE file that should be loaded when trying to start the classic editor. To do this, select the “Browse” button under the “Text Editor” and go to “This Computer> Local Data Bus> Programs> Notepad ++> Notepad ++. Exe”. Confirm with “Next> Install> Finish”. Now if you double-click on the TXT files, press Win-R, Notepad Or select “Windows Accessories> Editor” in the Windows 10 start menu, instead of notepad.exe, notepad ++ is loaded. exe. In Windows 8.1, you can access the classic Notepad in the Tile start menu via the down arrow icon and then under “Windows Accessories” by clicking on “Editor”; This reference has also been reworked thanks to Notepad ++. To make Classic Notepad (.exe) usable again, uninstall Notepad Replacer via Windows-R and appwiz.cpl.

Notepad ++: Instructions for m

Notepad Replacer does a great job of enhancing Notepad ++ integration.

Notepad ++: Use the auto-complete feature

If you type an existing word again, Notepad ++ will suggest it for you. If you want to save the complete entry for yourself, then definitely use the Enter key. This works for regular phrases and grouped commands such as transition labels.

Notepad ++: Find and Replace

If you want to replace a character string in a document with another, do it manually. Automation can be used for a large number of corrections: press Ctrl-F and go to the “Replace” tab. Enter the term to exchange under the heading “Search for”; Notepad ++ has already inserted a word here that I clicked with my mouse before hitting Ctrl-F. Also, type an entry in the “Replace With” field and click “Replace All.”

Another help for comfortable text changes: If you select a word and press Ctrl-Shift-U, Notepad ++ converts the characters to uppercase.

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Notepad ++: Search Wikipedia with Alt-F3

Once you have highlighted a word and want to search for it in Wikipedia, press Alt-F3. Disadvantage: Notepad ++ opens Wikipedia in English in the standard browser, so the definitions are not in German ([…]).

Notepad ++: create MD5 and SHA256 hashes

Click “Tools” in the menu bar, and you will find the entries “MD5” and “SHA-256”. If you move your mouse pointer over it, you’ll see cascading menus containing the options “Create” and “Create from files.” You can use the specified algorithm (MD5 or SHA) to create a fingerprint from files or text to be inserted. In the case of the script, for example, you can ensure that it has not been changed in any way: This is the case if you compute the checksum twice, and you have not changed the file within a few weeks, and the checksum value is identical. The Windows PowerShell also creates MD5 and SHA256 hashes for files, but this is more convenient with Notepad ++; By the way, the hashes of the latter and the PowerShell on board are identical.

Notepad ++: Insert change flags in batch files

If you create a batch file (CMD, BAT) using the Windows Editor, the command line as the command line compiler does not correctly display color change flags (displayed by “echo”). Unwanted characters appear instead. You can learn how to properly encode your batch files with Notepad ++ in our “Create Bulk Files: Beginner Commands and Helpful Expert Tips” guide.

Notepad ++ and Front View hotkeys

If you select “Show> Always Keep On Top”, no other window will cover Notepad ++. Under “Extensions> Plugin Management” you will find additional tools with which you can extend the range of functions. Restarting the program is necessary to install them. The sequence of clicking “Settings> Keyboard” takes you to a window where you can view, set and change key combinations.

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