Halo series’ mental reboot, sandbox shooter aspects and graphics improvements

Infinite aura The developers described it as a “spiritual reboot”, meaning a “soul reboot” of the Halo series. In the smallest Blog post Leaders from 343 Industries explained how this alignment will affect the feel of the game and what aspects of a sandbox shooter game. Some graphical improvements were also discussed.

Troy Mashburn (Sandbox Lead): “Spiritual Reboot” is a term we use to describe our way of introducing new ideas while keeping true to what you feel when playing classic games. Feeling is the keyword here because we want it to evolve by creating new experiences and new possibilities. , While preserving the original essence. “Grappleshot” [Enterhaken/Greifhaken] It is a great example of adding something new that also enhances things you already know, like climbing or hand-to-hand combat. You’re used to climbing a double pile of chests, but the obstacles in Infinite are bigger and more organic. The grapple system allows the same fluid movement as climbing with a much greater range to reach more places quickly. Plus, if you’re a fan of hand-to-hand combat (like me), you’ll be able to hold onto the enemies to give them a heavy knockout. ”

John Mulkey (Global Design Leader): “At Infinite, we work to fulfill the original ‘promise’ in a way that the team was unable to fulfill due to time constraints. [Die neue Ringwelt] Zeta Halo invites you to explore and discover. Stories must be found and players can decide how they want to use an extensive sandbox with tools to master a mission or confrontation. ”

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In the context of “mental reboot”, the developers have also tried to provide a better explanation of the Halo Infinite game genre. Answer from Joseph Staten (Head of Creative) is reading:

“The world of Infinite is incredibly large and the huge battle areas are seamlessly connected to each other. The areas are full of adventures that tempt you to turn away from the story missions on the golden path. From a distance it might seem like we are developing an open world game, but that’s really not the case. We make Halo. A sandbox shooter game that aims to make you feel like the strongest player in a rich and sophisticated sci-fi game. To be a combat simulation. (…) Halo Infinite campaign has no crafting system and will not spend time hunting and skinning animals to make better equipment for Master Chief. …) Halo Infinite is designed so that you are more free than ever to do what Spartan Super does the soldiers do their best: explore the battlefield, plan an attack, attack the enemy, deal with all the surprises offered by the sandbox and with yourself and then prepare for the next battle … the different thing this time is that you have more freedom than ever to choose your way through the world.Follow the cave system hidden in a well guarded castle, meander with your pig through a mountain path shrouded in fog, kidnap a ghost and set off on Ring part floating over a gap Who are the stars. Powerful narration remains at the heart of the Master Chief’s adventure, and your journey between story missions is entirely up to you. ”

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In recent months, the game world developers have not only missed more details (as you can see in the following screenshots), but they have also improved the dynamic change of day and night and the lighting system.

Screenshot – Halo Infinite (PC, XboxSeriesX)

Screenshot – Halo Infinite (PC, XboxSeriesX)

Screenshot – Halo Infinite (PC, XboxSeriesX)

Screenshot – Halo Infinite (PC, XboxSeriesX)

Mood change by dynamic change of day and night

Mood change by dynamic change of day and night

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