Missing in Hanau: Woman disappears without a trace after text message – police in the dark

Shortly before her disappearance, the woman from Hanau was still in touch via SMS with a friend. The 41-year-old did not show up on the date. (Icon image)

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A woman from Hanau disappears without a trace. A friend still had SMS contact with her, then her trail was lost. The police are in the dark.

  • Caroline Feder Outside Hanau Become Missed.
  • A friend still had SMS contact with her, then her trail was lost.
  • The police Looking for clues.

Update from Wednesday, 02/17/2021 11:48 am: About a week and a half after he disappeared Caroline Feder from Hanau Still missing. The police are still finding their way in the dark. Upon request, investigators said that investigations had not yet revealed any promising effects. Therefore, the criminal police in Hanau are requesting the information again. Anyone has information on Missed Or since they have seen her since Saturday (February 6, 2021), the Criminal Police should be contacted at 06181 / 100-123 Hanau Or inform any other police station.

Missing woman from Hanau: a criminal investigation

First report on Monday, February 8, 2021: Hanau – The Criminal Investigation Department is looking for him Caroline Feder Outside Hanau. The 41-year-old has been going since Saturday, February 6 Missed Crepo is asking residents for help.

On February 5th, just before midnight, the Missing Caroline Feder Outside Hanau Still in touch with a friend. They wrote short messages and arranged to meet up for the next day. But the meeting on Saturday 6 February did not come because Missed The woman did not reside in her apartment in Saliswig Hanau running. Girlfriend with Missed He had an appointment and was unable to reach them and he called the Criminal Investigation Department.

The lost Caroline Vader from Hanau.

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The Criminal Police The investigation started and is now looking for Missing Caroline Feder Outside Hanau. By doing so, she does not exclude the fact that the 41-year-old is in a helpless position and urgently needs medical help. The police have given more information about Missed No.

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Missing woman from Hanau: Residents find a handbag

Neighbors Caroline Feder Outside Hanau She found her handbag on February 6 at the Salisweg, which also contains her cell phone. Notes about whereabouts Missed But it was not found. The criminal police asked residents to obtain information about their whereabouts Caroline Feder Outside Hanau. Anyone has information on Missed Or they’ve seen her since Saturday, February 6, please call the Criminal Investigation Department at 06181 100-123 Hanau Or inform any other police station.

The police also request support in case a man from Rödermark goes missing. The 43-year-old from Rödermark has been there since the end of May last year Missed. A man from Maine-Kenzig is suspected of killing a missing 39-year-old young man from Hanau. The case has been troubling the authorities since 2016 (SMR)

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