GTA 6: Will Rockstar’s New Intelligence Patent revolutionize NPCs in-game?

GTA 6 could benefit from Rockstar Games’ new AI patent. This may enable the non-playable characters to demonstrate improved intelligence in the upcoming open world game.

  • GTA* Fans Waiting impatiently for release GTA 6* That still sounds far-fetched.
  • The resourceful Reddit user now has one patent From Take two From October 2020 found.
  • In it, the company appears to be asking for it patent For a new one AI (Artificial intelligence).

New York, USA Get smaller and smaller every day: the patience of many GTA fansRespond to an announcement from Grand Theft Auto 6 waiting. It is, of course, an open secret Rock games* He’s working on the new title, but when he finally comes out he’s still in the stars. And what do you do when you are impatiently waiting for something? Spend time looking for clues. Now this Reddit user has an interesting user patent From Take two As of October 2020, proof of GTA 6 Can deliver.

Version (date of first publication) To be announced
publisher Rock games
Siri Grand Theft Auto
platform PS5, Xbox Series X / S, and PC (Unconfirmed)
Developer Rockstar North (Unconfirmed)
Type Open world, shooter

GTA 6: Take the second patent application referring to the new AI in GTA 6?

Currently Rock games Still with the development of the enhanced version of GTA V for PS5* And the Xbox X Series* Officer. The revised version of GTA 5 in the third quarter of 2020 so it will take some time. Data experts really want information on graphics* From the classic re-released version and of course instantly leaked. But even if 64% of all users surveyed would like to take another round of Los Santos on next-generation consoles, some would rather have the info. GTA 6. Finally, the GTA 5 already seven years ago.

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As usual hold up Rock games Back with official information and news. Yeah patent They should be presented publicly and can be viewed by anyone. Feature for everyone FansLooking for clues. Because of course it was patent, Which from the parent company Take two His feet GTA fans It is found and is now examined to the smallest detail.

GTA 6: A more realistic and intelligent AI with less processing power

I am Patent application, Submitted by Take two together David Hind And the Simon BarrIt is about artificial intelligence (English: Artificial intelligence, short AI), Which should significantly improve NPC driving. So I needed to AI, Which is currently using an enormous amount of computing power to calculate obstacles and the like. In order to free up computing capacity, you will empty NPCs vehicles at some point. The patent, Which was presented to US authorities on October 29, 2020, describes a new concept. So it should be AI You are able to include a variety of factors in your calculations, such as weather, traffic conditions, or accidents and obstacles.

GTA 6: Rockstar Games’ patent is set to revolutionize driving in the game

© Rockstar Games

For example, if an area has too much traffic (such as a traffic jam), NPCs will do so thanks to Artificial intelligenceTo drive around this area. Additionally, the computing power of AI The server can be outsourced so that more traffic can be simulated with the same computing power. NPCs should also not disappear if not rendered, but “continue to exist” and appear more realistic. In the future, it is also likely that there will be different driver traits and characteristics that uniquely affect NPC. Of course, game developers are often enough patent One, but decided during development not to use it, so this information is not static. There is a similar one AI But it’s already in use on Red Dead Redemption 2, it makes perfect sense that it is Rock games This for GTA 6 Developed and improved to make the game more realistic and immersive.

U / Gallus takeaway from the latest patent. Find out interesting details of the NPC driving AI. from R / gaming leaks and rumors

Another indication that patent About prof AI For GTA 6 The two mentioned applicants can act Simon Barr And the David Hind. David Hind He is the assistant director of technology at Rock star While busy Simon Barr Standout site AI and Play programmer. They both also work in Edinburgh, so in the studio, which everyone has done so far GTA Part produced. She also has Rockstar Games last discontinued Bully 2* – to get more capacity for GTA 6 To accomplish? We’ll only have to respond to an official announcement from Rock star Wait until you finally prove all these rumors.* is part of the Ippen-Digital Network.

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