Hagen: Brutal cell phone robbery and slams in car windows

Hagen Mitte.
Brutal robbery of a motorist on Neumarktstrasse in Hagen. However, the victim resisted.

A hitherto unknown criminal stole the mobile phone of 56-year-old Iserlohner through the open side window of the 56-year-old Iserlohner’s car on Monday afternoon in Neumarktstrasse in Hagen and hit the victim in the face several times. During a cornering maneuver around 3:40 p.m., the unknown perpetrator appeared at the driver’s door and suddenly grabbed his 56-year-old’s cell phone through the open side window and took it away. The mobile phone was in its designated holder. When Iserlohner caught the offender to prevent him from escaping, he hit him several times in the face. After the driver got off, another physical altercation occurred between the two men, as a result of which the perpetrator was able to tear himself and use his smartphone to flee towards the city center.

Hagen: While escaping, the perpetrator drops the stolen cell phone again

But during the escape, he dropped the cell phone so the 56-year-old could get it back. He told officials that the strange man was between 25 and 30 years old, and his height ranged between 1.70 and 1.75 meters. He had black hair, had a long black beard, and had a slim to slender figure. The offender was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. It is also possible that he had a tattoo on his left arm and was carrying a blue shoulder bag. A manhunt in the vicinity was unsuccessful. The police initiated criminal proceedings for theft. Witnesses who can provide relevant information, please call 9862066.

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