Halloween Decorations: The Most Original Home Decoration You Can Buy Now

A selection of high-tech accessories and solutions to create the atmosphere for the scariest night of the year

just missing Halloween And it’s time Decorate the house with decorations Themed such as ghosts, skeletons, cobwebs, pumpkins, spiders, etc. We have selected five specific ideas to create the right atmosphere in an original and fun way.


(Photo: AtmosFEARfx)

Other than stickers or dolls that can be hung on windows: using AtmosFEARfx The windows turn into a scene worthy of a horror movie. If you have a projector at home (here’s a selection of the cheapest), just plug it into a DVD player and insert the disc to create sure-effect horror scenes from disturbing existences to battles against demons. cost approx 100 EUR so amazon.

LEGO Haunted House and LED Lights Set

the house is haunted
(Photo: LEGO)

The perfect meeting point between Halloween and geek spirit, the majestic group the house is haunted (No. 10273) It consists of 3231 pieces with dimensions of 68 cm high, 25 width and 25 depth. It opens fully to reveal rooms and unmissable details, and is accompanied by many characters including ghosts and their hunters. can be found a €229.99And Here are the promotions on amazon. As an addition, there is also a dedicated set of LED lights, to create a more thematic atmosphere, cost from €59.99.

Twiddlers Accessories

Twiddlers Accessories
(Foto: The Twiddlers)

For those looking for a set of decorations Fairly classic and low-cost, you can focus on the best-selling set on Amazon produced by Twiddlers with 110 components such as 15 spider rings, 10 yo-yos, 5 stamps, 5 magic springs, 6 rings, 4 whistles, 10 Finger nails, 6 dentures, a witch’s cauldron and a gourd lantern. it costs €26.99 so amazon.

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fog maker

fog maker
(Photo: Uking)

What would Halloween be without that archetypal haze that is a constant presence of horror movies? with the fog maker Create the perfect atmosphere, then light up with themed colors thanks to the built-in RGB LEDs. Fog machine in Uking Costa €54.

Multisensory adornment programs

Spotify Halloween
(Photo: Simon Hill via Spotify)

Finally, decorations that cost nothing because they are “multi-sensory” software solutions designed for everyday devices such as computers, smartphones or speakers. employment spotify There is Many playlists Designed only for Halloween to be reproduced at home or even outside. Virtual assistants aspect, such as Alexa or GoogleYou can also request to play scary or scary hunting sounds from a large database. Finally, if you install one or more lamps in the house Philips HueFrom the HueDynamic app for ., you can set Halloween lighting effects and animations Iphone NS Android.

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