Hauts-de-Seine relies on video games to promote digital careers

Beyond just the gaming world, the third edition of Hauts-de-Seine Digital Games welcomed schools, jobs and roundtables.

Hauts-de-Seine relies on video games to promote digital careers© CD92/Olivier Ravoir

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On May 24 and 25, gaming competitions, replay stations, immersive simulators, manga, comics, and cosplay stands (disguised as characters from video games, manga, movies, series, and comics) will be found… found They are gathered in an area of ​​​​6000 square meters of the building. Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center in Paris. Was it another show dedicated to Japanese culture and video games? It was so much more than that. This was the third edition of the Hauts-de-Seine Digital Games, which offered rather fun activities, but also functional dating, conferences, roundtables and booths hosted by digital higher education schools, innovative startups and large groups.


A space for awareness

The Hauts-de-Seine department has already shown originality in promoting digital technologies and their professions among young people, taking as a basis a topic that speaks to them: video games. “It's a very broad ecosystem that includes programming, influencer professions (YouTubers, videographers, etc.), AI, the graphics part, ancillary professions (such as designers, ergonomics, etc.), but also manga, comics , online gaming competitions, and all this diversity is what we wanted to offer to young people, so that they can very early think about a career in this field, explains Farid Hamzi, Director of Innovative Projects at the Hauts-de-Seine Department. We also wanted to show the teaching methods to show Digital tools are neither good nor bad, but it is our use of them that can be a problem. For this purpose, an awareness space has been allocated for discussion with associations and institutions about electronic harassment, gender equality, the use of screens, etc. The morning of the 24th was also allocated May for middle and high school students and students, before opening to the general public from one o'clock in the afternoon, all free of charge.

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