Helldivers 2: PS5 and PC players have been eagerly awaiting this new feature, and they will be rewarded

Game news Helldivers 2: PS5 and PC players have been eagerly awaiting this new feature, and they will be rewarded

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It has had its ups and downs during the first half of 2024. Helldivers 2 is now ready to joke about its adventures.

Highway to Helldiverse

Remember it was early this year. After a surprise success that almost no one expected, Helldivers 2, a multiplayer shooter largely inspired by Starship Trooper in which we face off against alien robots and insects in groups, has been the victim of a stunning review bombardment on Steam. the reason ? Sony has suddenly asked PC gamers to link their Steam account to their PSN account to continue the fun. This mandatory account linking had already been announced, but the studio and Sony chose to postpone its implementation.

In response to this bad news, many PC players posted negative reviews on the game's Steam page.. The review bombardment was so great that Arrowhead's James Billstedt stepped up to discuss these details with the Japanese manufacturer. As for the rest, as we know, Sony decided not to force PC players to link their Steam account to a PSN account, and the curves representing bad ratings stopped growing. These famous curves are the focus of attention of many players at the moment.

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They are capable of it

We know that the developers of Arrowhead are always ready to joke about anything related to their game world, while on social networks, players have floated the idea of ​​creating a cloak featuring these famous graphics that represent the game's show-bombing. Arrowhead seems to have taken this strange request into consideration.

on The creative director replied that she was ready to side with them, but they were waiting.good timeTo publish it. So we should see this community requested robe arriving soon, which is good news. As for Helldivers 2, it still works very well and continues to welcome regular updates. As of this writing, these Steam ratings are “Fairly positiveOf course, as you will understand, it is no longer necessary to have a PSN account to play it.

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