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CES in Las Vegas is an unmissable event for technological innovations. Every year, hundreds of exhibitors present their latest creations, sometimes very serious, sometimes more whimsical.

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We have chosen for you 10 most unusual gadgets From this 2024 edition.

Connected litter box with cat weight tracking

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One of the most surprising gadgets this year is the Pawbby, a connected cat litter box. Thanks to its double bottom and deodorizing system, it only needs to be changed every two weeks.

Its app tracks your cat's weight and sends notifications to warn that it's time to clean the litter box. The only downside: it only accepts cats under 8kg! Available for $699, the Pawbby will suit owners who want to get their hands less dirty.

Manicure robot with integrated artificial intelligence

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Among the unusual gadgets at CES 2024 is a robotic manicure device designed by startup Nimble. Equipped with precise cameras and artificial intelligence technologies, it analyzes the shape and size of nails before precisely polishing them using a robotic arm.

Thus, three layers of varnish are applied and dried in just a few minutes. Available for $599 as of March, this machine will please those who are lighthearted when it comes to nail art.

The stroller that rocks and puts babies to sleep

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Futuristic baby care gadgets at CES with Glüxkind's Ella stroller on display. This high-tech stroller integrates various features such as an automatic braking system or a “shake your baby” mode that rocks the baby automatically.

Combined with two speakers that broadcast soothing white noise, it promises to make it easier for little ones to fall asleep. Available in spring from €3,500, Ella will appeal to young parents looking for help with their difficult children!

Amazing acoustic toilet

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The extraordinary tool Pure Wash E930 The Consumer Electronics Show presented by Kohler is aimed at the more humble: This is a connected toilet seat capable of responding to sound! Through voice commands, its user can operate it to activate spraying, drying or UV cleaning.

Equipped with several water pressure modes and retails for $1,289, These high-end toilets must cater to their audience certainly quite restrictive.

These four gadgets are just a snippet of hundreds of extraordinary technological innovations unveiled during the show. Perhaps some will join our homes in the coming years while others will remain just simple futuristic concepts.

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Either way, this show is great An inspiration for inventorsAnd a special offer for tomorrow's uses. See you in 2024 to discover new high-tech gems!

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