Horror game The Calisto Protocol will be in Summer Game Fest 2022 | Xbox One

Things are starting to move in earnest for the Callisto Protocol. While the new Survival from Striking Distance Studios was revealed during the 2020 Game Awards, the game itself could appear in a more realistic way during Summer Game Fest 2022. A small message posted on Twitter came to set the social network on fire for Little Blue Bird.

Jeff Kelly adds a layer

It’s too early to come to any conclusion, of course, but it’s hard to believe it’s just a coincidence. After announcing the project’s progress last April, Glen Schofield, President of Striking Distance Studios and creator of Dead Space, this time posted a message suggesting that it might be time for the Callisto Protocol to come out of the dark.

I ran into some concept art from our incredibly talented art team for callistothegame today. It’s almost time for me to show you all this. No patience.

What’s interesting is that Geoff Keighley replied to this tweet with a slight smile as if to say “Why not where I am?”

Obviously, the complete absence of E3 in this 2022 will benefit the event organized by the main stakeholder who will not hesitate to leave a big door open for the Callisto protocol that is still not eligible for the release date. Remember that Glen Schofield, the father of Dead Space, is the head of the project.

Will a release be announced at Summer Game Fest 2022? See you June 10-12 to find out.

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