How To Get Green Pass On Your Smartphone And Google Play

Come on Now you need to know, The duty to express Green Boss To access various activities or venues such as sporting events, museums, theaters, cinemas and conferences, but sit at the indoor table of restaurants and bars. Always keep it At your fingertips on your smartphone So this is a good feature and we are also going to explain how to do it How to add it Google Payif you like.

Having a green pass is mandatory

Green Pass was obtained by a minimum first dose vaccine (valid for 9 months), Covit-19 (valid for 6 months) or by a molecule or antigen test with negative results. 48 hours). From now on needed This requires a green certificate:

  • Dine at the bars and restaurants inside
  • The shows are open to the public
  • Sports events and tournaments
  • Museums and Exhibitions
  • Swimming pools, gyms, indoor health centers
  • Festivals and Exhibitions
  • Conferences and Conferences
  • Spas, theme and amusement parks
  • Cultural Centers, Indoor Community and Recreation Centers, including Summer Centers (except Education Centers for Children)
  • Games Rooms, Racing Rooms, Bingo Halls and Casinos
  • General competitions

Owners or managers of services must verify that access takes place in accordance with the rules. In case of violation Further It will cost between 400 and 1000 euros for both the operator and the user. If the violation occurs three times in three days, closure can be triggered for 1 to 10 days.

How To Get Green Pass On Your Android Smartphone

Always keep the green pass At your fingertips on your smartphone Therefore it is necessary to carry out various activities without carrying the certificate in paper form. You can use this to keep the QR code convenient at any timeApplication IO Or immune, Both are available for free Google Play Store And in the App Store (second too Hawaii App Gallery)

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How To Get Green Pass Through IO App

IO, Public Services Processor, Green Pass is very easy to get. Once the application has been approached by SPID or CIE, a message will appear in the appropriate section, without entering any codes or other data. It is possible View QR code or save as an image Inside the gallery, it is also available offline. Sharing on social media or in other public contexts on the Internet should be avoided altogether.

How To Get Green Pass With Immuni

Access the Green Pass using the app immune It takes an extra step, but it’s nothing particularly complicated. Once the application is open, it is not difficult to see the “EU Digital Govt Certificate” section: Some data is required inside to get the green certificate.

It is necessary to select the type of code (AUTHCODE, NRFE, CUN or NUCG), type the latter (coming via SMS or email) in the field below, and enter the last 8 digits of the health card and the expiration date. Green Pass is available by opening the application offline.

How To Get A Green Pass With Digital Green Certification Site

Alternatively, you can get the Green Pass on the website Use of health card or authentication with SPID or CIE.

How To Get Green Pass From Website

How to add Green Pass to Google Pay

With an extra step it is possible Need Green Pass Google Pay. You need to download the app to do this Pass2Pay, Available for free on the Google Play Store, and the green certificate is stored in the smartphone gallery or as a PDF.

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Select when Pass2Pay opens “Open the image“Oh”Open the PDF file“, Select the Green Pass QR code and grant text detection permission through the Google Firebase Vision API and click on it”Use the result“The next screen is used to fill in the last details, and you have to press to scroll down.”Save on the phone“, Is visible with the Google Pay logo. At this point you can access Green Pass directly from Google Pay.

You can follow the badge below to download Pass2Pay Processor from Google Play Store:

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