No, you didn’t win a Dyson on Instagram

A scam has been raging for several days on the social network, claiming that users won a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner from the famous English brand.

«You won a Dyson Airwrapfollowed by a link to a fraudulent website. Several users were recognized by a post of this nature on Instagram. Several accounts claim to be linked to the hardware company Dyson, like “Herdison_France” where “DysonWhat do they have in common? Show the winners that they have won a hair dryer worth €500 or any other branded appliance.

Below is an example of an account that is supposed to be associated with the Dyson brand. screenshot

Bad luck, this is a big scam. When someone clicks on the link in question, they arrive at a site offering them to pay between 1 and 2 euros in postage to receive their prize. After that, all you have to do is fill out a form with your postal and bank details. This is when the scam begins. In fact, it is stated at the bottom of this page, in lowercase, that “This special offer comes with a 6-day trial period for the affiliate subscription service. After this period, the subscription is made [sic] (37 € every 14 days) will be automatically deducted from your credit card».

Use the brand image

«This isn’t the first time hackers have used Dyson’s picture for scams, we’ve already seen it in ads Facebook con man‘,” Victor Baissett, tech and web expert identifies, on Twitter. Some netizens even laugh at the situation, as follows.

The real Dyson brand reacted Twitter To denounce fraud:We fight on a daily basis against fraudulent offers and pages by systematically asking the respective platforms (internet pages, social networks, etc.) to block them.“Currently, the scam is still prevalent, but it has been reported, a site that lists fraud in France.

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To avoid being scammed, never transmit your personal and banking details on a site if you have any doubts. Feel free to refer to the site’s legal notices, they often do not exist in these cases. If unfortunately you are one of the victims, do not panic, you can dispute your credit card with your bank.

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