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The Animal Crossing saga includes tons of titles, many of which can be easily simulated on PC … others are inaccessible. They are bootable, non-bootable, how to install them and where to find them, here’s a complete guide to Animal Crossing Simulator on PC!

Can we play Animal Crossing on PC? The answer is yes, but with but. Since in fact, it all depends on any AnimalTransit You speak up, and for the most impatient: Animal Crossing New Horizons (Switch) is well on the list of playable PC games. But as is always the case in this field, it will take courage and creativity …

How to play Animal Crossing on PC?

Let’s actually make a list Animal crossing games that simulate today, As well as the original platforms that should be reproduced on your computer.

  • Animal crossingPosted on The cube game In 2002.
  • Animal Crossing: A Wild World Outside Nintendo DS In 2005. Republished in Wei U In 2015.
  • Animal Crossing: Let’s go to town Outside Wei In 2008.
  • An animal crosses a new leafPosted on Nintendo3DS In the year 2013.
  • Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Also released in Nintendo3DS In 2015.
  • Animal Crossing: Amibo FestivalIt was released on Wii U in 2015 as well.
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Most famously, was released in NintendoSwitch In 2020.

Some other titles are here and there, but they are too old to be properly imitated. Additionally, the above list should contain the fan-most desired episodes since it’s the last 4 games mentioned that blew up Animal Crossing’s rating.

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Animal crossing computer directory emulation, astuces, tuto emulation

To emulate any games, you have to be patient and patient. All the tutorials we have compiled on this topic have one thing in common: Nothing really works the first time and you have to install loads of little things, download BIOS and ROM images, update DLL files … a riddle we try to do to clarify for you in our detailed guides:

Many Nintendo consoles that almost all offer Animal Crossing. And each time, the treatment is the same: install the simulation software by following our guide or by following the instructions on the official pages. Then find the Animal Crossing ROM image you are interested in, and follow the steps to emulate it.

To find the pictures, we had to go through the illegality (Unless you get rid of your copy). In the case of simple and efficient downloading, We recommend Which, although illegal, offers many games that otherwise could not be obtained.

Animal Crossing New Horizons PC game via the Ryujinx emulator (see below)!

Play Animal Crossing New Horizons (Switch) on PC: How To

If you are still on this page, here’s your precious sesame: a tutorial for finding and installing and Play Animal Crossing New Horizons on PC! Therefore, it all starts with a program Yuzu, Which should go to its official page.

  • Download Yuzu or Reogenex-Two switch simulation programs. Their pages Quick start, In English but illustrated, it precisely shows how to install it.
  • Go get it Animal Crossing New Horizons game file on this siteBy downloading the .XCI version
  • You will have to copy the obtained file onto the SD card which will act as a “cartridge”.
  • Once the manipulation was successful (detailed also on the pages Quick start Mentioned above) will allow you to run Animal Crossing New Horizons sur PC.

Again, the procedure is achievable but requires patience and advanced knowledge of English to understand official evidence, in addition to a fairly solid computer. But if you have all 3, a few minutes will be enough to get you a Nintendo PC game. As I write these words, ACNH works fine on PC Despite some audio bugs.

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