Image, script and materials leaked online after Silent Hill –

Contradiction of destiny, or even well-planned intrigue Abandoned Subject to the gods Leakage A little distance from those involved Quiet mountainAs if to strengthen the strange bond that seems to bind the two games, at least according to the most staunch proponents of plot theories between the titles: in this case it is part of a film, a script and other materials.

Abandoned remains a decisive mystery object and even the new elements leaked online will not help to get an accurate idea of ​​what it is. To report the discovery of these items, you can find This address On Reddit, this is the regular Nick “Shpeshal Nick” baker, especially the recently active and contributor to the XboxEra podcast and more.

Single Picture Revealed is about a simple brick wall that looks like a screenshot of the game at one point set in an interior, which in this case resembles some scenario of the Blair watch project. The Script piece Might be even more interesting: Taken from BrandoA Movie script There is also an excerpt from the dialogue between the two characters, which reveals references to the Blue Box, which appears in the story as a secret science project for “real-time experience” using a specific chip called Zero Cell.

It suggests a strange science fiction story, perhaps behind the Upland, if all of this is true, but the existence of various elements that appear to be self-specific to the team and the game makes it all particularly strange. Finally, there is a summary Video Seems to have been taken from a Motion capture sessionProcessing 3D images into a more initial format.

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Everything must of course be taken with salt, but it is interesting to note that these things come out accurately based on the principles of the two games related to the various leaks in Silent Hill.

Veronica Tucker

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