On the ground: a video update 0.6.0, introducing bees and mosquitoes

Apsidian Entertainment, though involved on many fronts, has not forgotten it On the ground. Honey, I’m shrinking and going to get this fun survival game, which many compare to the boy movieUpdate 0.6.0. One update, among other things, adds Bees, mosquitoes and other insects Very dangerous. Especially if you are very young.

In Video Recently released, a study conducted at Microsoft talked about bug fixes and all the new items coming into the game store. Grounded is still in preview of the game and it is not yet known when it will be officially released in digital stores. Despite this, it is already full of things to do, and each beta update adds new challenges, items and possibilities.

Attachment 0.6.0, for example, adds both new insects, but also many substances that can be created from the material collected after defeating them. A ‘Water Armature, A spear spear or a mosquito pin. Introduces a new perk called Barbarian, which increases the damage done with a club.

In addition, fitted items no longer take up space with the backpack, and players can keep their belongings even after death. TO This address You can read all the news introduced by the update.

Windows 10, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | While in the Xbox Preview program on the S, Grounded is available in Steam for early access.

Veronica Tucker

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