The game “Ants” inspired by Bernard Werber's book is coming!

Author Bernard Werber announces the game based on his book “The Ants”: release date, gameplay, visuals… what we know.

Lots of news for French author Bernard Ferber. After announcing the release of his new novel, the science fiction philosophy author and science journalist has teamed up with Microids to adapt his successful novel, the first of his long career, “The Ants.”

New game “Ants” inspired by Bernard Werber’s book

Passionate about insects, especially Insects that live in colonies In society, like ants or bees, Bernard Werber He loves to teach us many things about their lifestyles through scientific information intertwined with fantasy.

On Instagram and Facebook, the author couldn't hold his tongue, so he teased his fans with the upcoming new strategy and management game. Ant gameinspired by the novel of the same name by Bernard Werber and is currently being developed by The fifth tower In an edition in Microedsa video game publisher based in Paris, in France.

You may already know the studio for some of its titles like Syberia, Still Life, Blacksad: Under the Skin, Asterix and Obelix XXL or the Agatha Christie games. Note that the publisher has already published the game Les Fourmis based on the bestseller by Bernard Werber. In 2000.So this game will be kind of Remastered From this address.

The Ant Game Bernard Werber (1)The Ant Game Bernard Werber (1)

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Story, gameplay, release date, platforms…

According to Microids, the game (whose visuals are already very tempting) will allow you to:“Play ant.” The factor that aims to make Thrive your colonyTo defend it against threats, all through a combination of strategy, combat and exploration. Thus, exploration will take place in a miniature world, as in Groundedwith insects of all kinds and much bigger than us!

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The match will be played at third person With an evolving experience using new updates and mechanics that will be added over time. Very realistic, the game will address Detailed drawingswith raytracing so you will definitely need a good computer to run it.

“The ants will be Available in 2024 On all platforms »The editor announces On his websiteWe already know that the game will be available on steambut also PS5. And the rest is still to be committed to. A highly anticipated game, such as the new survival game “Jurassic Park” which is also arriving very soon.

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