In Passoscuro children’s gadgets and Euro2020 jerseys, the big screen

In Passoscuro children’s gadgets and Euro2020 shirts, the big screen of Mercy is colored in solidarity –

Whatever happens, it will be a party, especially for families and children. There will be the big screen in Piazza Santarelli in Passoscuro, equipped by the Misericordia of Fiumicino, in front of which citizens can cheer for our national football team. But there will also be a barrage of gadgets and gifts for all children while stocks last: hats, bracelets, key rings, all bearing the Euro2020 label, which Misericordia will be able to distribute thanks to the municipality of Fiumicino and a donation from UEFA, arrived through the SS Foundation. Lazio.

A banquet will also be held with the distribution, through a donation, blue and blue shirts, again with the Euro2020 license plate, to fund the purchase of a defibrillator for the implementation of Misericordia equipment in emergency management. The minimum fee is obviously very popular, only 3 euros per shirt; But since it is a donation, everyone can contribute as they wish to purchase this portable defibrillator. It will be possible to contribute by taking T-shirts from 10 am throughout the day, thus encouraging everyone to “go blue” in the evening.

The UEFA donations will also be used for local associations and less fortunate families. Thanks to the cooperation with the Department of Sports and Social Administration, local sports clubs will receive a food court endowment, also Euro2020, to be used for ordering services in stadiums. But for families in difficulty, there will be a possibility to donate shoes, scarves and pants.

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We remind you that access to Piazza Santarelli in Passoscuro will be free, provided that those present are equipped with masks, and a distance of at least one meter between people must be ensured, as required by anti-virus regulations.

The decree prohibits the taking and consumption of drinks in bottles and glass containers in public places in the open air, as well as the consumption of alcohol in the open air from 8 pm until 7 am the next day.

A festive day, sport and solidarity to return to the normal life they have always dreamed of, paying the utmost attention.

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