iOS: A Nintendo game emulator is already on the App Store charts

The Apple App Store now lets you download old game emulators for iPhone or iPad, and the free Delta app is already on the list.

Delta – Game Emulator lets you play Game Boy Advance, NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy Color games on your iOS devices, an option that's unlikely to please Nintendo. Delta also lets you connect a console, make backups, and even use “cheat codes.” It is available on the App Store in Canada for free, but is banned in the European Union.

As many specialized media point out, you have to use Delta ROM files to play games. But ROM files downloaded online are illegal, so including an emulator app in the App Store isn't very useful unless you have your own ROM builds and DIY game bars, Engadget points out.

Delta is already seeing a lot of success, even though the app just hit the App Store for free. In fact, it ranks second on the list of free entertainment apps. Nintendo has yet to comment on this new viral emulator.

It should be emphasized that Delta is not completely new. Its developer, Testut, published the 2019 version in addition to AltStore, which is a program used to download independent applications on their devices, without going through official stores.

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