“Is this dangerous?”, Be careful with your gaming PC and temperature changes, it may cost you dearly…

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To avoid overheating, our computers are equipped with cooling systems. You of course have fans on all computers (air cooling), but you can also equip your computer with a liquid cooling system, commonly known as water cooling. There are others, but the two mentioned above are the most common.

One player was concerned about seeing fog on his PC case, and asked the community for help, who quickly reassured him.

The problem was not in the cooling system

Our player reported his issue on Reddit. He posted photos of his computer, which was in a particularly foggy state. He explains that his computer was equipped with a water cooling system, and then he thought there was a problem with it. But once he provided more context, especially regarding the area he lives in, the community tried to reassure him. The problem does not come from the water cooling, but from where it lives.

Thanks guys for the comments Bottom line I live in Southeast Asia in the tropical region, and it is hot, very hot, so I made the decision to invest in a powerful air conditioner, when my wife and I woke up today, I decided to turn off the air conditioner and immediately open the living room doors to… “Normal” temperature (my bedroom is 19-20°C and living room is about 29-32°C) It only happened once, I hope nothing serious happened Thank you all!

In the end, it was heat shock that clouded the case. There is no water cooling problem or leak, and only the outer shell is affected. On the other hand, in the long run, it may cause some rust spots to appear, but in general, society wants to be reassured.

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Some tips to avoid problems

As a general rule, it's best to avoid sudden changes in the temperature of your computers. Places that are too humid, but also too hot, should be avoided. Your appliances should be properly ventilated, but they should also be cleaned regularly to avoid the accumulation of particles (dust, hair, etc.) on your components, thus avoiding shortening their lifespan.

Also make sure not to place them in tight spaces, or even on inappropriate materials.. Another mistake is placing our devices on the floor or on metal, two materials that tend to cool or heat depending on the ambient temperature. Therefore, the ideal solution is to install it on the wood and at the same time give it enough space so that it can “breathe” without problems.

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