“Take it or leave it”: Cyril Hanoune’s match will not be back on Monday on C8

Putting the boxes to sleep on the C8. While Prime Minister Jean Castex held a press conference Thursday to warn the French of the deteriorating health situation and announce “Enhanced surveillance“From twenty divisions including all those in Ile-de-France, C8 has just published a report on its Take it or Leave it program.

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In light of the current health situation in France, especially in Ile-de-France, and in order to protect the candidates and all technical teams, the C8 management prefers to postpone the resumption of the ‘Take it or Leave it’ program scheduled for Monday 1 March 2021 at a later time, with the aim of preserving the health of every individual as much PossibleRefers to the short text.

Best of “take it or leave it”

Canal + Group has yet to specify the program that will replace the game in this box Monday through Thursday and has not yet moved on the return date. Presented live by Cyril Hanoun, the game took a break this week in favor of the winter break and gave its best to its viewers. While all programs are private to the public, the privacy of the meeting was the gathering every evening of at least 24 candidates from all over France, but residing in the Paris region.

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After launching in Spring 2020 at the end of the first inventory at 8:15 pm, Square C8, “Take it or Leave it” at the start of the school year is back on stream from 8:40 pm. Change that only lasted one week before H20 Productions’ game was introduced to 6.30pm, then 6.10pm.

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