Is Halo Knight Silksong's development problematic? Here's what a leading playtester thinks

Given the interminable wait and the fact that it's not even seen in this rich wave of summer events, the idea is starting to spread. Hello Night Silksong “Growth is in hell,” meaning it's going through Complex developmentBut still According to a well-known playtester This is highly unlikely for someone who worked on the first chapter.

The character in question, known as Craig on a dedicated Discord channel, said, “I mean I know for sure It's not in complex development,” Halo Knight said, referring to Silksong, and the issue was brought to attention given the confirmed connections between the tester in question and Team Cherry.

“Every development cycle, forever,” works this way, Craig says: “You set dates internally and miss them all the time. It's really a constant part of development,” the tester explained.

A completely normal situation

“You don't ask for information because these things aren't announced to the public,” Craig added.

“It's completely normal for any growth cycle,” according to the tester, who seems very calm about the Silksong situation.

Craig added that was enough Disheartened Every time, when the game doesn't show up for a certain amount of time, we see the community indulge in dark thoughts about the project, but also realize that it's partly the team's fault.

“There Communication should be better“, admits Craig, who feels the Cherries are lacking on this front, considering how much the game is expected by many players.

With the first chapter being available for free on Nintendo Switch Online even before Nintendo Direct, there has been some speculation recently about the possible origin of the title in question. Meanwhile, a release date has appeared on the Microsoft Store, but it's 8000 years away.

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Veronica Tucker

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