This mobile application allows you to find the cheapest gas station, charging station or parking on your route

Summer vacation is a crucial time for many French people who travel in search of relaxation and adventure. In this context, budget and time are precious resources. Roole Map, an entirely French application, is a true ally for motorists looking for savings and efficiency.

Fuel saving: a priority for the French

With 77% of French people willing to travel extra kilometers to save fuel, the importance of finding the service station that offers the best prices is more important than ever. Roole Map responds to this demand by identifying the cheapest gas stations throughout France, thanks to strategic partnerships with major players in the data world such as Data.gouv and Girève. The app not only guarantees savings, but also ensures availability is updated in real time, eliminating unpleasant surprises.

Supporting electric cars: towards sustainable mobility

Support for electric car users has not been ruled out. The Roole Map makes it easy to find the most economical charging stations, based on vehicle specifications and prices from different providers. This function is essential in a context where the energy transition has become a national priority. Drivers can easily find terminals convenient to their needs, contributing to environmentally friendly mobility.

Optimized parking: save time and money

Finding low-cost parking in tourist areas is a big challenge for vacationers. Roole Map offers a convenient solution by identifying available parking spaces and their prices, allowing users to fully enjoy their vacation without worrying about high costs or availability of space. This translates into significant time savings, turning every vacation moment into “quality time.”

Commitment to local production: “Origine France Garantie” label.

Roole Map is also distinguished by its commitment to local production. The first application of its kind to receive the “Origine France Garantie” label, it highlights 100% French production, strengthening user confidence in data quality and security. This certificate is a guarantee of quality and support for the national economy.

Roll: More than just an app, a real ecosystem

Founded in 1982, Roole is more than just a navigation app. As France's leading automobile club with 1.4 million members, Roole offers a wide range of services, from theft protection to additional car insurance guarantees. In addition to its applications, Roole plays an active role in the public debate and in the development of solidarity mobility services, confirming its position as a company with a mission with a dedicated foundation for car access and driver's licenses since 2017.

Roole Map is not just an app; It is the complete solution for French motorists. By providing reliable services and promoting economical and sustainable mobility, Roole Map is positioning itself as the essential travel companion for everyone behind the wheel. With a simple interface and a host of rewarding features, it turns every trip into a less expensive and more enjoyable experience.

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