“It's going to be a huge hit.” It's already the most anticipated PS5 video game of the year and will be eligible for free content shortly after its release.

Game news “It's going to be a huge hit.” It's already the most anticipated PS5 video game of the year and will be eligible for free content shortly after its release.

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This next exclusive release from Sony, eagerly awaited by all PlayStation 5 owners keen on platform games, crystallizes all the manufacturer's hopes. Expectations are so high that they actually warrant free downloadable content!

The little robot has become big

It was revealed during the recent PlayStation Showcase, Astro Bot marks the return to the face of Sony's new little mascot. It previously appeared in 2018's Astro Bot Rescue Mission – entirely in VR – and in Astro's Playroom, a real-life tech demo for the PS5. The little robot here signs his first major title. A title that the Asobi team – the game developer – and Sony have been dealing with since Nicolas Doucet, the studio's director,… Recently revealed in Interview with IGN This free DLC has already been planned.

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This will focus on Providing so-called additional “challenge” levels, shorter experiences focused on very specific challenges. Moreover, if Doucet is careful not to talk about it, The two levels of this type that are already present in the title are centered around rescuing robots dressed like some PlayStation characters. There is no doubt about that This DLC will bring more Sony-made cameos that are not yet present in the base game. Since there seems to be, There are already nearly 150 PlayStation celebrities ready to be discovered as botsIt's interesting to try to imagine which new kid could be in the spotlight.

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Star hunting

"It will be a big hit"it is already the most anticipated PS5 video game of the year and will be entitled to free content shortly after its release

Isn't PaRappa the robot adorable?

Some players also hope that they can pass levels designed entirely around the theme of said cameo. In fact, when we talk to him about… Kratos and Atreus robots can be seen in the game's trailerNicole Doucet prefers to remain elusive. “Odin's hammer and ravens betray him in some way, but what happens within this world has yet to be determinedHe explains before concluding with:Please turn it on when it comes outFinally, he defines it Sony “The doors opened wide” for all the characters that Team Asobi might want to include in the game.

It appears that internal studios have sent out various requests asking for their favorite character to appear in the title. In the demo presented during Summer Game Fest, it was already possible to see Playstation stars, such as PaRappa, Lammy, Ratchet and Rivet, Jak and Dexter or even the traveler from Journey. Highly anticipated by PlayStation players, The title will not be playable in VR Like its predecessor, it will therefore be accessible to any PlayStation 5 owner and it is Expected on September 6.

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