This player left his computer open for 5 years day and night without turning it off once, and finally explains the result of his experiment.

GVTech News This player left his computer open for 5 years day and night without turning it off once, and finally explains the result of his experiment.

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Is there really any benefit in shutting down your computer regularly? One gamer decided to make up his mind about this, by leaving his computer constantly on for 5 years. Here are his conclusions.

For the vast majority of computer users, There's no real benefit to leaving a computer running 24 hours a day for weeks on end. But what if they decided to do so… In 5 years? One Reddit user decided to give it a try. That's why he equipped himself with two devices: one of them turns off every evening, and the other remains on continuously for 5 consecutive years.

” Does not matter “

A netizen gave the results of his experiment on Reddit. Its conclusion is clear: “There is no difference except that one costs me more than the other.”“, he explained, referring to The power consumption of a computer that is constantly running. Even at this point, he puts the situation in perspective: “Even the additional electricity cost of a sleeping computer compared to a turned off computer is negligible. We are on 4 cents a month.”he thinks.

However, as one can imagine, This person faced a lot of criticismBecause not everyone agrees with him. “Situations like memory leaks can slowly saturate RAM, and the only way to free it is to reboot RAM.”“, explains another Internet user. “Dead threads can stay there and consume system resources while the original program 'forgot' everything about that thread. »

Others have questioned the veracity of his words ever since This means that the computer has not been updated for 5 years : In fact, Windows, even in Windows 11, requires a reboot for some major upgrades. It is possible to disable updates, but this is unwise.

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“Once a week is enough.”

In the face of criticism, The experienced netizen explained his comments. “You can turn off your computer from time to time, once a week, that's okay, otherwise it doesn't matter.”Summarizes.

In fact, shutting down your computer every day has become less necessary than before, especially since SSD drives have replaced hard drives. Windows has also been optimized to reduce the risk of slowdowns over time. However, we can still question the benefit of leaving a computer on all the time, especially when it is not in use. However The choice is up to everyoneAs proven by the numerous messages posted on this topic on Reddit.

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