How Microsoft envisions teamwork in the future

BerlinMicrosoft wants to increase digital collaboration in the future with holograms. The software company introduced the Microsoft Mesh platform on Tuesday, which can be used to transfer 3D video into special glasses, among other things. For example, conversation partners can appear next to each other. Professional magazine The Verge then judged: “Microsoft Mesh looks like the hypothetical future of teams.”

And that’s exactly what tech companies are doing now. Through their technology, they want to improve the cooperation of employees who are unable to meet in the workplace due to the strict requirements of the epidemic. We’re already talking about zoom fatigue because many employees are currently struggling with the stress of many video conferencing; At Microsoft, viewing this command is called Teams yet.

Pokemon Go memories

Tech Company Hope: The more realistically they can bring the familiar working world to the Internet, the more comfortable employees feel, the better they can meet the requirements. Microsoft wants to create the network platform as a link between various technologies and hardware providers. 3D content, for example, should be able to appear on private Hololens’ glasses as well as on Facebook’s Oculus glasses.

Thus the platform can also build a bridge between virtual reality and so-called augmented reality (AR). With Virtual Reality (VR), the user is completely immersed in a digital world thanks to special glasses with small screens in front of their eyes; With augmented reality, artificial objects are shown in the real environment.

Berlin solutions to work in the virtual world

Since the pandemic, startups in Berlin have been increasingly working on potential applications. The startup NeXR claims to be the world leader in live presentations in a virtual reality environment. Staramba’s NeXR appeared in Berlin in December 2019. Managing Director Marcus Boehler said in an interview with the Berliner Zeitung that during the spring shutdown, the idea came to “take presentations to a new level”.

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Another store called WeAre. The idea is similar to Microsoft. Anyone wishing to participate in a digital meeting does calling, putting on the headset and can see how the machines are presented. It’s about the blocks, it’s about the individual parts – the technology lets participants see the details. “It’s as if people were right there at the site.” Marvin Tikochitz, one of the founders of WeAre, said in an interview at the end of last year, “This offers huge advantages for assembly and production.”

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