Kaiju No.8 THE GAME, the anime arrives with a video game on mobile and PC!

While the anime is enjoying amazing success, the video game Kaiju No. 8 will see the light of day on mobile and PC! We say more in this article.

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After manga and anime Kaiju No. 8 arrives in The world of video games ! While the manga was an incredible success, the anime was a huge success He quickly gained popularity Since its debut it has become a noticeable phenomenon in the world of animation.

Manga fans will see Kafka Hibino and his family from a whole new perspective. In this article, We tell you more about the video game Kaiju No. 8 the game On mobile and PC !

Kaiju video game #8 is in development

Through a fairly short trailer, we discover an apocalyptic world with ruined buildings. We find important characters from anime such as Kafka, Kikuru, Ichikawa, and Hoshina. Unfortunately, we don't know much about the game, but we do Kaiju game number 8 the game Inspired by the anime Kaiju No. 8.

And from the little information we've been able to gather, we know this Kaiju No. 8 the game will be available On mobile and PC. A release date has not been shared By the developers and we do not know yet whether the game will be like that or not Cross play or not. For the most patient among you, We should know more in the coming weeks/months.

Kaiju Summary #8

With the announcement of Kaiju No. 8 the gameIt seems that many players want to discover the story of the manga, we will tell you more. The story revolves around Kafka Hibino, a 32-year-old man who works for the cleaning company of Kaijūs, mysterious monsters hostile to humanity. Despite his efforts to join the Kaiju Defense Force, Kafka fails repeatedly. but, His fate changes after a chance encounter with a young kaijuHe develops the ability to transform into one of these terrifying monsters.

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The story takes place in a world where Japan faces frequent kaiju attacks, forcing the creation of an anti-kaiju defense force. Characters in the series wear power suits made from kaiju remains, giving them superhuman skills.

The plot intensifies when Kafka, along with new companions such as Rino Ichikawa and Captain Mina Ashiro, must face powerful Kaiju, including the fearsome “Kaiju #8”. The story explores themes Such as friendship, self-transcendence, and the consequences of difficult choices In a world where the line between humanity and kaiju is blurring.

Kaiju-no-8-anime screen

With the highly successful adaptation, manga fans are impatient to discover Kaiju Video Game No. 8! Breakflip will keep you updated as soon as any announcements are made ! In the meantime, you can watch Kaiju Anime No. 8. Touted as one of the best anime of 2024, you won't be disappointed.

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