Final Fantasy 7 Remake 3's Director Says What We Can Expect from the Game Between Exploration and Conclusion

In the latest panel of Indonesia's Anime Con, Motomu Toriyama – co-director Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth – We talked about what we can expectThe last chapter FF7 Remake story.

In short, he promised to answer the remaining questions and produce a better result than the original one.

Toriyama's words on the latest Final Fantasy 7 remake

“Motomu Toriyama said he wanted to,” shared the information in a short clip on Twitter, as you can see below Add more research In the third FF7R he wanted to do his best to give a satisfying ending to the final game, even better than the original FF7.”

Later, “Personally, Toriyama figured it out The Gold Saucer phenomenon The most memorable part. He seems to have put more effort into improving the appointments and quality of performance than the original.”

“As far as research goes, he wants players to be able to Explore more freely The world of the game. They're trying to connect the scene with new dynamics.”

The last part of the saga was years in the making. However, Rebirth producer Yoshinori Kitas recently completed the second installment in three years thanks to the development team remaining intact from the remake. The same goes for the currently untitled third installment, so can we expect it to be completed around the same time frame?

We also found out earlier that the sequel to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be different: Square Enix has shared the first clues about what it wants to change.

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