The game of May 2022 is officially included in the published subscription –

Netflix Made available a New game Its mobile list for this early May 2022: This is approx Relic Hunters Rebels, Sniper RPG with looter mechanics. The game was created by the Brazilian development team Rock Snail. As always, the game is not available at extra cost.

Relic Hunters Rebels (Has nothing to do with the Tia Carrere series) Has four characters: Jimmy, Ace, Pinky and Raf. It is based on the acquisition of weapons, each of which offers unique abilities. To defeat the Dukan Empire, the characters must face ducks and space turtles. Below is the trailer shared via Twitter.

The Rogue Snail CEOMark Venturelli said: “We are big Netflix fans and we’re happy to be one of the first pioneering developers of Netflix games, and we’re happy to be a part of this story from the beginning.”

Like the others Netflix games, No Micro Transactions and Advertising: This allows the team to “focus on making the game fun without worrying about how to pay our bills”. In order to reach as wide a user as possible, the game is designed to work without problems even on older smartphones.

The team also explained that Baru is one of the characters in the Netflix game Non-binary: Developers hope this will help players feel “accepted for who they are”.

Finally, the April 2022 game is included in the subscription.

Veronica Tucker

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