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Today Hold on Executes Seven years. The horror demo of Silent Hill Saga’s new launch was released on August 12, 2014 on the PS Store. Even after all this time, gamers have not forgotten what – really – a playable teaser and share their thoughts on Twitter. No He himself shares their messages.

Account Horror game community He wishes PT a happy birthday and explains, “It was a unique experience, one we miss every day.” In fact, PAD has been removed from the PlayStation Store by Konami, and we remind you that it can no longer be downloaded.

@at7games, on the other hand, says – in its opinion – that BT has created one New video game subtype We should call it “PT Psychological Horror”. This is probably a serious level, but it makes it clear how much score players were able to get with a simple demo.

On the other hand, bananahamcake says, “It’s been seven years since the truly remarkable experience was published, and it will push us into an endless dream. It’s something I will never forget. Why should we not regret it?” Crazy Hideo Kojima“.

CJWalshie_, Developer Video games, instead of PT “changed not only the way I approached games, but also the game design. It was a terrifying, but exciting experience.”

Tell us what you think Hold on? Was this a great “game” for you too? We also point out that some people see hints about BT in the update of the abandoned PS5 app.

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