The smart and ergonomic desk that reduces back strain

With adjustable height and a pivot to charge up to five devices at the same time, Ergoplax facilitates the system and operation, eliminating pain due to posture.

The office is often the primary culprit of ailments and pains. Among the models with extendable, retractable and adjustable height, the choice is wide, and it is intended to find the right one for every need. Ergoplex Allows you to select one of the files Three heights (60 to 125 cm) and depend on a charging hub per device It consists of two external ports, like many USB-A ports, and 15W wireless charging. Don’t worry: To avoid a lot of cables, there’s also a dedicated tray.

While pre-installed table tops with an ergonomic curve tend to reduce stress on the back, neck and shoulders. Among other things, it is also simple and quick to install, without the need to ask others for help, as well as the possibility of moving to another place. able to Support up to 120 poundsWith an above-average weight of about 80, the Ergoplax is available in three color combinations between the legs and the top. the cost: Who is the around €290 (Including shipping costs to Italy), with home delivery starting next October.

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